N° : 602503
This outdoor compression sock made of Bioceramic yarn, was designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It can be used for long trekking trips, hunting, fishing, or simply for a walk. The anatomical shape and cushion areas will offer the best possible comfort. The degressive compression of the socks allows the optimum oxygenation to your muscles, it guarantees more energy and better endurance See more


  • Unique bioceramic fibre combination with compression technology.
  • Bioceramic yarn from Resistex® regulate temperature, isolate heat, and cool your feet when needed.

  • Designed for maximum outdoor activities, allowing a better energy intake and fast recovery.

  • Compression with a decreasing pressure profile, the oxygenation of the muscles is maximized.

  • The Rohner Air Channel system prevents heat and moisture build-up and keeps your socks and feet dry.

  • The cushion in strategic areas provides better comfort and superior shockabsorbing properties.

  • Hand-linked toe construction assures a seamless toe that won’t rub or irritate feet.


43% Polyester Bioceramic
28% Polyamide
17% Polyamide (MerylSkinlife®)
8% Merino wool
2% Polyacrylic
2% Elashane (Lycra®)

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