Founded in 1933, Rohner is a Swiss company that has a long and proud history of having superior products and durability.

Rohner is always one step ahead of the competition and unique in its revolutionary advances through the use of innovative materials and manufacturing processes. 

New combinations of functional and technical yarns enable Rohner to achieve the highest possible quality, durability, and performance such as: 

  • Enhancing circulation (through the compression collection)
  • Active breathing socks with antibacterial properties
  • Water and dirt resistant fibres
  • Low friction protecting against blisters
  • Guaranteed wearing comfort (through hand linked finishing) 

In addition to using traditional fibres like Merino Wool, lycra and Polyamid in socks, Rohner uses top quality yarns such as Meryl Skinlife, Outlast, CoolMax, Bamboo, SeaCell, Lenzing Profilen just to name a few, that cater to both the Snow Sports and Outdoor enthusiast.