Simply more ...

LOWA started from humble beginnings in 1923 when Lorenz Wagner founded LOWA as a work and outdoor boot company in Jetzendorf, a small Bavarian village in southern Germany. Ninety years later, LOWA is a worldwide brand, selling shoes in over 40 countries.

LOWA is still based in Jetzendorf where we produce the majority of our classic board-lasted boots in a clean, modern factory. We also manufacture in Italy and Slovakia, and make our EVA-midsole trail running shoes in China.

Back in the 60s, LOWA used to advertise boots as having Pfiff! ... a certain flair, zing or special something. Today, we translate Pfiff as Simply More. Because at LOWA, we’re conscious that we always need do more, do it better and focus on making our customers happy. It’s what makes a LOWA a LOWA.

The Simply More philosophy drives every aspect of our product design and is the catalyst for our ongoing innovations.

As we look to the future, we use our tradition as our guide. We remain rooted in our home village of Jetzendorf. We’ve spent more than €500,000 in recent years to ensure that the air our employees breathe and that leaves our factory is clean and that no chemicals enter the stream that runs behind our factory and into the meadow next door. We prefer to keep the water clean and the cows that drink it healthy. There’s a proverb that says “a bird doesn’t soil its nest”. Neither should the boot makers.

Making boots more comfortable, developing new innovations to help them fit better and using the highest quality of materials and constructions has served us well in the past and will continue to be among our guidelines moving forward. Simply More is our approach...but Pfiff sounds more fun!

Thank you for your business in the past, today and in the future!