Prix de développement durable pour Vaude


VAUDE is Germany’s most sustainable brand

VAUDE received the highest honors at the prestigious German Sustainability Award and is elated with being named “Germany's Most Sustainable Brand 2015.”

For years we at VAUDE have been consistently pursuing a sustainable corporate philosophy and passionately incorporating it into of all business segments; now we’ve been honored at the highest level. Under the patronage of Chancellor Angela Merkel, we’ve won 1st place at the German Sustainability Award 2015 in the category “Germany's Most Sustainable Brand.” The jury praised both our consistent pursuit of sustainability as well as our continuous development.

“At all levels of value creation, sustainability is placed in the foreground. VAUDE sets standards for sustainable products with programs such as the Green Shape label or its Fair Wear Foundation “Leader status” for fair working conditions. [...] Despite the small size of the company, the VAUDE brand is a strong, successful and trusted brand among all of its stakeholders.” reports the jury’s verdict.

Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE CEO:
»We are delighted and proud of the award as Germany’s Most Sustainable Brand. The award is a wonderful recognition and at the same time, an incentive for us. As a strong outdoor brand, we want to continue promoting harmony between people and nature for business enterprises.«

Successful sustainability brand positioning

For years, VAUDE has pursued a consistent sustainability approach, which is implemented and lived out in all divisions. The company proves that socially and environmentally responsible business practices can also be economically successful. "We are positioning ourselves clearly and comprehensively as a sustainable brand. We implement this everywhere, in product development as well as in logistics and human resources. The expense that this involves is enormous. But we are convinced that it makes sense and is worthwhile in the long term. The results can already be seen: public perception of our commitment is growing dramatically and the VAUDE brand stands for these values," said Antje von Dewitz.

This has been confirmed by numerous surveys and market research results in which VAUDE regularly takes first place when it comes to credibility, sustainability and ecology. Last but not least, the fact that sustainability can also be an economic success factor is confirmed by the company’s sales performance, which has been above the industry average for years.

Sustainable ahead
Derived from our company vision, sustainable action is at the heart of our value system and our day-to-day operations: from a social, environmental and economic point of view. And this philosophy carries over to almost our entire product range.

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Prix de développement durable pour Vaude


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