The first catalog for the sports fair ISPO in early 1980 marked the beginning of the Alpina brand. The innovative new collection was small, but the faith in success as well as the enthusiasm of the founders Rainer Winter, Werner Grau, Rolf Obermeier and Hagen Stockklausner were infinitely large.


Within the second year Alpina succesfully launched the ski goggles TURBO with its revolutionary feature, the panoramic field of view.


Introduction of the highly succesful sunglasses M1 that immediately achieved cult status europe-wide as well as the U.S. Market. The M1 was, of course, "handmade in Germany".


A milestone is set in 1983 with the development of the sports glasses Surf 'n Snow, renamed to SWING in 1986. Today this classic can be found in our collection under the name S-Line. With more than 1.5 million sold units it's the best-selling multi-function sports eyewear in the world.


Introduction of the unbreakable polycarbonate lens, the so-called Ceramic Lens Technology. With this dvanced feature Alpina quickly became the market leader in this sector.


With the QUATTROFLEX lens technology a new chapter is ushered into the goggle development.


Alpina is the first helmet manufacturer to introduce the RUN SYSTEM, a fitting technology for bicycle helmets. This feature has evolved over the years to find its newest development stage with the Run System Classic Slide (2013) for the perfect fit to children's heads.


The succesful RUN SYSTEM is installed in a ski helmet for the first time.


Alpina introduces its first protector and is still succesful in this product section.


Two lens technologies combined for the first time. The polarizing QUATTROFLEX technology provides high-contrast vision whereas the self tinting VARIOFLEX adapts changing light conditions.


Introduction of VARIOFLEX lens which is continuously developed into the VARIOFLEX+ and VARIOFLEX+ FOGSTOP.


For the first time CONEHEAD technology and a RIB FRAME are built into a bike helmet. With aerodynamics, perfect ventilation and light weight construction, Alpina positions itself  in the highly technological helmet segment area.
A lot happend in all the years. The company has steadily grown. Alpina is now the market leader in ski, sports eyewear and helmets. In Germany Alpina maintains market shares of more than 40%, sells its products in over 35 countries and has established two subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland.