Gloryfy Unbreakable sunglasses have been available in Canada since May 2012 and offer a new concept in top of the line sunglasses, meeting the highest optical quality recommended by eye care professionals.

Gloryfy gives optimum protection against all possible impacts, thanks to an avant-garde and innovative design, using patented, unbreakable flexible lenses and frames.

Manufactured in Austria since 2009, these glasses use the G-Flex technology, which is the result of a new process developed through four years of research.

With easy to change lenses (G-Flex or G-Flex polarised) offered in eight different shades, seven styles of frames in a multitude of trendy colours, the result is almost 300 possible choices.

In addition to complete impact protection of the eyes, Gloryfy uses a memory effect modular manufacturing system, using 5 removable parts, quick and easy to manipulate.

With Gloryfy’s Confined Tint Technology, the lenses offer  unmatched scratch resistance, thanks to the colour being injected during the manufacturing process.

Gloryfy’s sunglass lenses offer 100% protection with a certified 400 Nm against ultraviolet UVC, UVB and UVA rays. Additional protection against a newly discovered source of danger for the retina, Blue Light, satisfies even the most demanding eye care professionnals.

Thanks to LMT (Light Management Technology), all Gloryfy lenses filter light  selectively so that contrast is optimized to give the best colour results in all light conditions.

The G-Flex NXT is the lightest material used in lense manufacturing. With a specific weight of 1.11 g/cm2, Gloryfy surpasses polycarbonate lenses at 1.22 g/cm2, and glass lenses at 2.50 g/cm2. In addition, the radius of curvature and the flexibility of the frames, together with a perfect fit to the contours of the face, give an unparalleled panoramic vision without any distortion.

Gloryfy lenses possess an undeniable advantage over polycarbonate lenses as they have an Abbe number of 44, compared to 31, the higher number being associated with a higher optical quality in transparent materials. It accepts optometrist prescriptions from -3.5 for myopia to +3 for hypermetropia.